Decatur Industries Inc.


Cabinet hardware and furniture fittings

Established in 1985, Decatur Industries Inc. has accumulated 27 years of experience as a supplier of furniture fittings and hardware.

The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of furniture fittings and cabinet

hardware, including handles, knobs, door handles, casters, door closers, drawer slides, hinges, hooks, sofa legs, connectors, grommets, catches & latches, sash locks, lock sets, corner braces, screws & nuts, lid supports, and door viewers.

The company possesses a seasoned knowledge of the properties of the materials it uses; this advantage is reflected in its handles, which are available in a wide choice of materials including zamac (zinc alloy), brass, grass, ceramic, crystal, art glass, solid pewter, wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. Buyers can choose from a list of finishing methods that meet different requirements.

With a firm insistence on customer satisfaction, Decatur has built solid partnerships with furniture parts importers and distributors worldwide, and has exported its products to America, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and Southeast Asia. Our service-driven supplier satisfies its clients with integrated custom production, from design and tooling to manufacturing.

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