Sleetech Enterprise Inc.


Fuses for various applications

Founded in 1993, Sleetech Enterprise Inc. produces fuses for use in various applications including household appliances, consumer electronics, and automobiles.

Among the unique products in the company’s catalog are its SK-06F and SK-06T surface mounted device (SMD) fuses, which, at 1mm x 0.8mm, are the industry’s smallest. Its SK-18 series of SMD fuses has won UL/TUV 250Vac approval, while its SK-26 fuses enjoy UL 350Vac certification.

The company’s UL350Vac-certified 4mm-by-12mm SK-40 fuses are ideal for LED drivers, LED lamps, slim adapters, and telecommunications products.

Well-equipped production lines give Sleetech a daily capacity of 500,000 3.6mm-by-10mm tube micro fuses, 500,000 5mm-by-20mm and 6mm-by-30mm fuses, and 100,000 SMD fuses.

In 1993, the company became the first fuse manufacturer in the world to win UL and CSA certification for 3.6mm-by-10mm glass tube micro fuses. Sleetech also prides itself on the UL and CSA certification of its 5.2mm x 20mm and 6mm x 30mm glass tube fuses in 1993 and 5.2mm x 20mm and 6mm x 30mm ceramic tube fuses in 1994, UL and VDE certification of its 3.6mm x 10mm glass tube micro fuses in 1995, and the patent approval by G-7 nations of its new SMD fuse models in 1999 and thermal sensor function fuses in 2000.

In its drive for technological advancement, the company has strived since 1993 to assure that its manufacturing quality meets the standards of international brand suppliers. Such diligent efforts have burnished the company’s profile in the industry at home and abroad.

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