Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd.


Plastic injection molding machines, mold-spotting presses

Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd., founded in 1966, is one of Taiwan’s major manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines. Based on the motto “Prioritizing Quality First with Best Technology,” the company is dedicated to improving quality, innovation and providing prompt service to help clients create maximum profits.

Meeting demand for environmental protection and energy saving, the company has successfully developed the 120AE~450AE series machines that are reputable in the thin-walled food containers, medical equipment and precision electronic components segments.

To facilitate the production of ultra-large machines, Chuan Lih Fa has developed compound clamping units that reduce machine weight and dimensions, helping to cut procurement and transport costs. In practical use, the newly developed clamping unit reduces the usage of lubricant in toggle mechanism without the thorny problem of friction between toggle system and bushings. More importantly, the unit provides perfectly balanced force between columns to better protect molds.

Before the development of the120-AE~150AE series machines, the company evaluated the advantage and disadvantage of rival brands to improve designs, hence believing the series is superior to others in terms of performance and quality.

In addition, Chuan Lih Fa has invested ample money and workforce to develop energy-saving systems on conventional hydraulic machines, as well as self-developed servo controls with high C/P value to offer customers more options.

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