High Perfection Tech Co., Ltd.


LED current drivers, power supplies

High Perfection Tech Co. will soon introduce two new high-power models of LED current drivers These drivers, the 200W LF2200 and 150W LF1150, feature dimming design, five-year warranty, IP 67 waterproofing, metal housings, and injected silicon linings.

The company began life in 1993 by developing and manufacturing switching power supplies rated from 20W to 500W for PCs, industrial computers, and industrial/OA business machines. Six years later, it added IPC power supplies rated from 20W to 400W to its product lineup.

Cashing in on its power-supply technology, in 2002 High Perfection began developing current drivers for high-power LED lamps, LED traffic lights, LED architectural lighting, and LED general lighting products.

A team of some 10 engineers specializing in electrical circuits, electronics, thermal-dissipation solutions, and mechanics is responsible for development of the company’s products, which are delivered defect-free thanks to stringent quality management.

The company’s products, whether current drivers or power supplies, generally hit shops bearing the “HS” brand, a three-year warranty, and CE, UL, and PSE certification. The United States takes 40% of the company’s shipments, Taiwan 30%, mainland China 20% and the rest of the world 10%.

The company turns out 25,000 to 33,000 units of each of its product items a month at its factory in Taiwan. About 40% of the products are sold to the United States, 30% to Taiwan’s domestic market, and 20% to mainland China, with lesser markets taking the rest.

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