Intercraft Co., Ltd.


Plastic (Thermoplastic and Phenolic)/Metal Knobs, Pull Handles, Levelers (Leveling Pad & Bolt), Parts and Accessories, Electronic Hardware, Machinery Elements and Fixtures

About the company—Intercraft; also why it is the right vendor and supplier you can rely on and work with just like other leading & top-ranked companies in North America and Europe:

Intercraft Co., Ltd. is a leading machinery, fixtures & hardware manufacturer currently supplying those products and related parts that are made of plastic and metal to more than 25 representative companies and brands in the USA, Canada and Europe (almost all these customers are top rankers in the industries there) on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) basis, with thousands of tooling and molds covering a couple thousand models that have already been built to save any possible operational cost for your esteemed company in the future.

Up to this year 2015, Intercraft has already been in the business for more than 27 years. We also produce decorative hardware items such as cabinet pulls and knobs which are made of different materials and in a variety of finishing which we also provide with thousands of items for you to choose from.

We will be pleased to provide more detailed information about our company and products upon request.

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