Pao Ching Garden Tools Co., Ltd.


Shovels, hand rakes, garden forks and garden tool sets

Pao Ching Garden Tools Co., Ltd. began in 1989 in Taiwan’s central city of Taichung and has grown into a reputable supplier of garden tools mainly for DIY, with globally known branded vendors from the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan as customers.

The company supplies more than 300 kinds of shovels, hand rakes and garden forks, which come with wooden and plastic handles, also providing garden tool sets and all-around manufacturing services for OEM (original equipment manufacturing), ODM (original design manufacturing) and OBM (original brand manufacturing).

Pao Ching boasts exceptional production efficiency and flexibility, achieved through effective management of its supply chain composed of top-caliber subcontractors. Production from stainless steel processing, punching, through electroplating, painting, powder coating to packaging are done under strict control to deliver consistent, reliable quality.

Eye-catching exterior design along with user-friendly functionality also feature in Pao Ching’s garden tools. With market-driven R&D coupled with world-standard powder coating and painting techniques, its hand rakes, for instance, feature ergonomic, streamlined shape, lightweight and appealing colors to suit graying and female gardeners. This supplier is noted for using eco-friendly materials and production techniques.

With monthly capacity of around 300,000 units of various garden tools, Pao Ching is committed to not just offering competitive prices and excellent quality, but timely services to ensure sustainable development for customers and the earth.

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