Ssupou Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Foot pedal switches, electric foot pedal switches, hydro-pneumatic foot air valve pedal

Ssupou Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the foot pedal switch industry since 1985, mainly turning out electric foot pedal switches, hydro-pneumatic foot switches and foot air valve pedals for industrial use. The company has gained CE and TUV certification.

This firm's products, most of which are protected by patents, are designed for a wide range of machines including machine tools, pressing machines, cutting machines, CNC lathes, printing machines, molding machines, welding machines, footwear-making machines, riveting machines, corner shaving machines, drilling machines, CNC pipe bending machines, notching machines, grinding machines, handcraft machines, medical equipment, and packaging machines.

The bodies of the switches are made of die casting aluminum alloy with powder coating, and each joint features an integrated self-lubricating design. The pedals are reinforced by a rib structure. Moreover, a safety cover protects the foot operating pedal from falling objects.

The contact block covers are made of phenolic resin, allowing them to withstand 3,000 to 3,500 volts. The foot pedal is likely to install two contact blocks with simultaneous or shifted actuation.

The switches have a maximum life of over two million on-offs, and can withstand up to 50 kilograms of pulling force from the cables connected to them. The current loads for the switches are 3A 250V and 20A 250V alternating current (AC). The switches come with specially designed cable heads which are water and dust resistant.

Ssupou’s foot pedal switches have been improved to match a wide variety of machines that are available now, as well as the new machines that will come in the future, thanks to the efforts of the R&D staff to come up with ever-more-advanced designs.

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