All Gain Industry Co., Ltd.


Hose clamps and couplings, worm drive hose clamps, quick release hose clamps, pipe connectors, check valves

Ever since its establishment in 1978 to manufacture hose clamps and couplings, All Gain Industry Co., Ltd. has developed sustainably for nearly 40 years, mainly driven by its core value of “R&D, Efficiency and Quality to Best Sharpen Competitive Edge.”

Constant investment in R&D particularly contributes to All Gain’s current achievement. In doing so, the company assures benefits to its customers, and therefore has built a large loyal customer base.

Another formula of All Gain’s success is the state-of-the-art automation production technology employed at its factory, which enables the maker to produce hose clamps and hoses of stable, high quality. Further, motivated by generosity and passion to serve customers, the company consistently dedicates itself to launching its products globally.

All Gain’s products have been widely used in car, construction and hardware industries, and can meet different requirements. For instance, its couplings for underground piping are available in no-hub, flexible and transition coupling that can fit pipes of different materials. The company’s products all have been certified by international standards.

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