Shenchi Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Self-adhesive pads, silicone keypads, rubber parts, 3C product protective cases etc.

Shenchi Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing, importing, and exporting high-quality rubber, silicone, and plastic electronic components, backed by in-house R&D and custom mold design for use with different raw materials, as well as various types of high-precision products of silicone and rubber.

Founded in 1989, the firm has grown into a major supplier. With manufacturing versatility, the company offers wide-ranging products including oil seals, waterproof rings, O-rings, TUP / TPR silicone rubber PU pads, conductive, automotive, mobile phone, jellies, magnetic rubber, thermal conductivity, thermal silicone, thermal insulating products etc.

Shenchi says it tailors manufacturing to suit needs of customers, paying strict attention to technical specifications to assure customer satisfaction.

The company has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and UL quality certifications to assure the highest quality and create a "win-win strategy" with customers. Since 1995, it has set up additional factories to meet increasing demand, including that from international customers.

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