Kunshan Sinton Software Co., Ltd.


Consumer, commercial, and industrial tablet PCs & notebook PCs

Founded only in June 2013, Kunshan Sinton Software Co., Ltd. is a young and vigorous high-tech company headquartered in Zhangpu Town, Kuanshan City, in China's Jiangsu Province.

Company executives claims that they have excellent research and design teams and are focusing on the development of x86 mobile devices including consumer, commercial, and industrial tablet and notebook PCs. In addition, the firm offers EE, BIOS, ME, thermal, system integration, and application integrated system designs.

Sinton says that its mission is based on the concepts of innovation, environmental protection, and ergonomics, which drive a continuous effort not only to make breakthroughs in existing products but also to aggressively develop cross-field telecom and mobility devices as well as multi-media equipment based on the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company stresses that it will hold firmly to the traditions of innovation, performance, and excellence as it forges ahead to conquer new technological frontiers. To this end the company has been recruiting the best talent it can find in different fields, installing the most up-to-date high-end equipment, seeking alliances with technologically advanced partners, and collecting the latest market information.

The firm welcomes you to contact it for further product and company information, and it is fully confident in its ability to offer the highest cost/performance (C/P) products including software, firmware, and hardware, as well as the finest pre- and after-sales services.

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