Kayton Industry Co., Ltd.


Fully automatic batch-off machine, rubber extruder, calender head extruder with downstream line, hydraulic tire curing machine, tire drum testing machine, bias cutter for ply cord

Founded in 1992, Kayton Industry Co., Ltd. is a top-end manufacturer of rubber machinery mainly for tire production.

Kayton’s fully automatic batch-off machine has many features: The marking device is with letter block auto changing function; the slitting device can cut the rubber sheet into 2/3/4/6 strips automatically; the auto pick-up device can rubber sheet from the cooling rack bar to take-out conveyor automatically; and the auto stacking device can fold rubber sheet on pallets tidily and then transport them to the upper floor automatically .

In addition to the simplex, duplex or triplex cold feed extruder for tire tread and sidewall, Kayton also offers calender head extruder to produce rubber sheets ranging in width from 600 mm to 4,000 mm without bubble inside. Cooling and winding train includes dual let-off & dual winder with auto cutting and auto changing system.

As an expert in the tire industry, Kayton knows that there are many key issues to be concerned for manufacturing a reliable tire. With years of development and research projects, Kayton promotes the rubber extruder, which adopts German technology, saving labor cost, energy consumption, and space requirements.

With high precision, performance, and functionality achieved through ample experience and constant improvement, the company’s machines, with main models CE-marked, are sold worldwide and adopted by such globally known customers as Continental, Pirelli, Yokohama, Bridgestone, NOK, Maxxis, Kenda, Federal, Zhongze…etc.