K-Tech Tools Co., Ltd.


Pliers, hex-keys, screwdrivers and bits, PVC pipe cutters, ratchet spanners, hand tools

Taiwan's K-Tech Tools Co., Ltd. is a supplier of hand tools for both professional and DIY users, offering a wide range of products including combination pliers, chain-nose/side-cutting pliers, pipe cutters, electrician’s diagonal cutters, heavy-duty grip pliers, circlip pliers, wire clippers, steel cutters, wrenches and spanners, L-shaped hex keys, T hex keys, hex-key sets, Phillips screwdrivers, slotted screwdrivers, and screwdriver bits, among many others.

Underpinned by its commitment to supplying hand tools that make work easier and more enjoyable for their users, the company constantly focuses on R&D with the aim of developing high-quality, high-efficiency products with innovative functional designs that truly meet end-users’ needs.

Among K-Tech’s most impressive products is an electrician’s diagonal cutter, a result of the company's user-oriented R&D. The cutter is 160mm in length and has a mono-toned PVC handle for comfortable grip as well as easy carrying and storage. The blade is made of high-grade tool steel and is subjected to special heat treatment to provide superior durability, strong cutting force, effortless cutting, and high wear resistance. The cutter also features an improved structural design that allows easy, effective cutting and stripping of wires and cables up to 2.3mm in diameter.

Devoted to the provision of unquestionable quality, ergonomic design, and functional innovation at affordable prices, K-Tech has come to be recognized by customers from all over the world as a professional supplier of high-quality hand tools and a capable handler of OEM (original equipment manufacturing) orders.

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