Four Two Electronics Co., Ltd.


Power cords, plugs, switches, power strips

Founded in 1989 in central Taiwan, the Four Two Electronics Co. is a veteran developer and manufacturer of various kinds of safe and high-quality products.

The firm currently offers a very wide array of assemble power cords, wiring, power strips, switches, plugs, and other related products. Its quality products are widely used in office furniture, household electric appliances, and related accessories.

Four Two stresses that all of its products are 100% made in Taiwan to assure the best in quality, safety, and durability. The products conform to all major global safety and quality standards.

Currently, the company operates a highly automated and integrated factory in Changhua, central Taiwan, where it strives constantly to upgrade product quality, production efficiency, and employee dedication, as well as to provide the quickest and most satisfactory services to customers all over the world.

A strong R&D team works constantly to develop new and innovative products that meet global standards and safety trends--especially products that feature high quality and multiple functions while being reasonably priced. The company emphasizes its never-ending pursuit of long-term business relationships.

Four Two claims a string of core competitive advantages including superior product quality, prompt delivery, competitive prices, green products, and full capability to take OEM/ODM orders. Just contact it, Four Two urges, for access to the best products and services available.

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