Hope Win Automation Co., Ltd.


CNC ultrasonic threaded nut inserting machines, robotic systems, automatic systems

Established in 2013, Hope Win Automation Co., Ltd. is a rapidly-growing developer and manufacturer of automatic systems, robotic systems and advanced machinery for wide-ranging applications.

Despite being only one year old, Hope Win is a seasoned newcomer with more than 25 years of experience in making mechanical controllers, granule-counter controllers, granule counters, single- & multi-spindle servo robotic arm controllers, and FIR sensors.

A highly skilled R&D workforce is among the company’s competitive advantages, which enables it to independently handle PCB layout, circuitry and mechanical design, HMI (human-machine interface) and firmware programming, and robot controller development. Also the maker takes pride in its cutting-edge R&D and production capabilities, and has worked out labor and time-saving automated equipment to meet customers’ requirements for high efficiency, productivity, stability and functionality.

Among Hope Win’s hottest-sellers is the HNI-222 CNC ultrasonic threaded nut inserting machine, which is highlighted with ultrasonic tool modules for multi-tasking including insertion, riveting, welding and engraving, and facilitate positioning, as well as 16 Remote I/O modules, USB interface and SD card expansion slots.

The inserting machine also features an ergonomic control panel with a start button and emergency-stop switch for user-friendly operation, and an auto-stop upon material depletion to help reduce defect-free rate and cut power consumption. Further, this machine can be beefed-up with robotic arms to be an independent workstation for mass production, thus being ideal for electronics, home appliances, medical, toys and machinery industries.

Hope Win also fills OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) orders, being well-recognized by buyers from Asia and North America.

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