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Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd.


Car alarm systems, anti-thief devices, immobilizers, other locks

Founded in 1990, Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialist designer and manufacturer of superior-quality car alarm system products at competitive prices.

The firm's model G-367RA car alarm system, for example, is a patented product certified to meet CE and TUV standards. The system can be installed in any type of car, and more than 250,000 BMW and Mercedes-Benz autos have already been equipped with it.

Great Guard explains that the new G367RA is a mechanical car alarm system using advanced technology and a sophisticated design, instead of the electronic car alarms usually seen on the market.

Thanks to its advanced design and good anti-theft performance, the G-367RA has outstanding functionality that has helped it win numerous awards worldwide.

The function of G-367RA is based completely on a precision mechanical valve unit, with a micro-chip system employed to unlock or lock a valve installed between the brake master cylinder and disk or drum brakes. When you input your four-digit personal password, the micro-chip control system actuates the valve to lock the car's wheels through its own brake system until you unlock the anti-theft function with your personal password.

The features of the G-367RA include a patented precision mechanical valve, hydraulic wheel locking function, independent control system, no power consumption during alert state, and no audio alarm. Other function include low car-battery detection and brake system inspection.

It developed the G-367 system, Great Guard says, because it noticed the ineffectiveness of vehicular burglarproof devices such as steering wheel locks, gear-shift locks, chip locks, and GSM/GPS trackers, and decided to devote its resources and efforts to working out a better solution to auto burglary prevention.

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