Cheng Chi Metal Factory


Metal-tube KD furniture, liquor cabinets and racks, metal dining carts, kitchenware shelves, storage stands, iron wire kitchenware & hardware

Ever since its establishment in 1982, Cheng Chi Metal Factory has specialized in developing and manufacturing metal furniture and hardware products for household use.

Cheng Chi is notable for its globally proven R&D, resulting partly from a dedication to continuous improvement based on decades-long practice, and partly from close partnerships with prominent Japanese enterprises such as Sanyo Electric, TOTO, and Riso Kagaku Corp. as well as with large Taiwanese firms including Uni-President Enterprise and Heineken’s Taiwan branch. The company has won numerous domestic and foreign patents.

The firm boasts a strong production capability achieved mainly by a highly integrated production line at its modern factory, which occupies an area of over 6,600 square meters. This facility enables the company to handle all production processes, from designing and developing, prototyping, and molding to manufacturing, within the shortest possible time and with stringent quality control measures, assuring rapid delivery and consistent quality.

Backed by the competitive advantages described above, the company can also fill OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) orders, in addition to supplying a variety of high-quality metal furniture and hardware products that it has developed independently.

Cheng Chi’s product line encompasses adjustable kitchenware storage racks, tissue holders with damage-free adhesive design, hose racks, clothes hangers, bathroom storage racks, metal-tube KD furniture, liquor cabinets, bird-shaped mailboxes, revolving racks for dying footwear and clothes, wire racks, and rotating card display stands, all made of 304-grade stainless steel. Featuring high durability, compact size, and great utility, these products have proven popular with end-users in Japan, Europe, and the U.S.

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