Genemax Industrial Inc.


Screws and barrels, die heads, gears, gearboxes, screw and barrel segments, co-rotating twin screw extruders

Founded in 1996, Genemax Industrial Inc. is a top-caliber Taiwanese supplier of precision parts and key components for extruders.

Genemax supplies a full line of extruder machining parts and components as below.

1) Screw and barrel. (Nitride and Bimetallic) (Single and Twin)

2) Twin screw (co-rotating, counter-rotating and conical Twin screw)

3) HIP Twin screw

4) Single gearbox for extruder

5) Twin gearbox for extruder ((co-rotating, counter-rotating and conical Twin screw extruder)

6) Die head: blown film dies, blown molding dies, pipe dies, strand dies and profile.

7) Roll: mirror rolls, rubber rolls, silicon rolls, sandblast rolls

8) Gear Pump

9) Screen changer, Static mixer, Rotary cutter, Die plate, Air ring

10) Down-stream unit

The company is not only providing precision machining but also good on steel, metallurgy, heat treatment and surface treatment.

The firm is particularly in providing high wear- resistance and corrosion-resistance steel including bimetallic, Hastelloy C276 and HIP PM-Steel.

Bolstered by consummate production techniques and a complete line of state-of-the-art production equipment, the company can supply high-precision screws and barrels from 15mm to 400mm in diameter and up to 8000mm in length, in either nitride-treated or bimetallic models, to fill a wide variety of applications.

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