Aeon Lighting Technology Inc.


Smart LED Lights

A winner of Good Design Award 2012, Red Dot Design Award 2011, iF Product Design Award 2012, and M Technology Award 2009, Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) has recently released a series of LED lamps, including the Orion series 4-inch recessed lamps, the ALTLED T8 high-bay lamp, zero-glaring linear T8 tubes, and the ALTLED 500W lamps.

The 20W Orion downlights are developed to replace incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and are integrated with lighting fixtures to save users from buying fixture. Delivering 85% energy savings and being dimmable and available in wide range of color temperature from cool white to 2200K yellow, Orion downlights come with all-aluminum thermal-fin module to feature long lifespan.

ALTLED T8 high/low-bay lamps generate 5,600 lumens with two ALT four-inch 46W high power-factor T8 LED tubes, designed to replace 250W mercury high-bay light, with working temperature ranging from around 40C to minus 65C.

The glare-free T8 linear lamps use Fresnel lens for linear light pattern and even lighting.

The linear T8 tubes come in lengths from one foot to eight feet and generate 130 lumens per watt, with 50% energy savings and maximum lumen life of 50,000 hours. They are ideal for offices, industrial and retail sites.

The ALTLED 500W lamps replace 1,000W mercury lamps by generating 58,000 lumens, and can be mounted 45-meter high and at beam angles from 20 degrees to 130 degrees with temperature color ranging from warm white to true white. The lamps are powered by Cree X-TE chips.

The lamps come with a 3-year warranty and liability insurance of NT$2 million (US$66,666).

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