Lian Feng Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.


Drilling, reaming, tapping machines

Lian Feng Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd., with manufacturing experience of more than two decades, specializes in manufacturing special-purpose machines as advanced drilling, reaming and tapping machines.

The company has an in-house research and development department with seasoned technicians responsible for developing products suitable for the sanitary and bathroom accessories, air pressure & hydraulic components, piping components, bicycle parts, and woodworking machinery parts sectors.

Lian Feng Sheng says it prioritizes developing special-purpose machines that help customers improve product quality, increase production capacity and keep production costs down.

The hot-selling products include the six-spindle lift-type reaming & tapping machine, and the three-spindle rotary-type servomotor reaming & tapping machine.

The company’s six-spindle lift-type reaming & tapping machine, featuring tap spindle motor with brakes and spindle of 110mm in external diameter, can help users reduce processing cost, with the human/machine interface being optional.

The power output of the three-spindle, rotary-type servomotor reaming & tapping machine is adjustable according to size of workpiece, with the spindle driven by a servomotor and ballscrew.

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