Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Patented ET-100BK adjustable worktables

Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been in the office furniture industry for over 30 years, mainly making kids’ furniture, OA chairs, and computer desks, also now promoting the ET-100 BK series worktables which was debuted in late 2014.

The tables, measuring 120cm (W) x 88cm (D) x 120cm (H) and weighing 50 kilograms, come with a two-piece particle-board tabletop that may be tilted 25 degrees from the horizontal and two aluminum telescopic legs that is adjustable to maximum height of 120cm and minimum of 73cm, a feature making the table ergonomic, even for workers who believe standing up while working to be better for health.

The tabletop’s tilt is adjusted by a manually operated brake mechanism while the legs are controlled by a threaded-rod driven by an efficient motor, eliminating the concern of gas or fluid leakage which can happens to typically used gas springs.

The front edge of the tabletop has an aluminum channel for holding stationery like pens and erasers. The rear top, fixed horizontally, carries computer monitors or books, with both tabletops being nonflammable and scratch resistant.

The two legs, each of which built in an RoHS-compliant iron bar to strengthen vertical stability, are extruded to ensure excellent fitting between the inner and outer parts.

The legs can raise maximum weight of 100 kilograms at 24 millimeters per second, with a built-in circuit to shut off power to protect the CE-certified motor (powered by 110/230V AC wall socket) upon detection of overweight, backed by clamping force of 100 kilograms to prevent slippage due to power outage.

The ET-100 BK is a patented, knockdown table with parts mostly made in Taiwan and a one-year warranty.

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