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Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd.


Hydraulic press, deep drawing press, die spotting press, tryout press, hemming press etc.

Established in 1976, Dees Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008-certified veteran developer and maker of a variety of hydraulic pressing equipment. The firm is a leader-of-the-pack in Taiwan, supplying high-level equipment to many vehicle and parts manufacturers worldwide.

After vigorous development in the past 35 years, Dees, with accumulated and unmatched experience and know-how, has been constantly enriching its product lines, making itself a leading supplier of hydraulic press machinery (for sheet-metal working) in Taiwan. Currently, Dees supplies wide-ranging hydraulic equipment, including hydraulic press, hydraulic deep drawing press, die spotting press, tryout press, hemming machine, three-way press, chassis-forming press, forging press etc. equipment. The working capacities of the firm's machinery range from 10 to 6,000 tons.

The company has long aimed to offer customers complete engineering, complete manufacturing, and total solutions. It maintains manufacturing facilities both in Taiwan and mainland China, and its assembly line for hydraulic machines is one of the largest and most comprehensive in Southeast Asia. The ISO 9001-certified machinery maker has sold its quality, precision equipment to customers in over 70 nations.

Dees claims that it has been devoting significant resources to upgrade manufacturing flexibility, set up global distribution network, assure quality standards and elevate overall efficiency to win orders for top-end, high-performance equipment, as well as whole-plant robotic integration.

Dees' Chinese subsidiary, the Dees hydraulic industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., was established in early 2001. The subsidiary owns large-scale complete manufacturing facility and in-house product R&D division. After years of development, Dees Kunshan has become a major player in China as well.

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