Mars Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


Hydrostatic spindles, precision grinders, hydrostatic internal grinders, external grinders, compound grinders, and vertical honing machines

Set up in 1997 with the aim of supplying top-quality grinders, Mars Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. always pursues excellence, being committed to innovation, quality, accountability, and execution. Accepting volume orders, the maker provides superb grinders that help users enhance production capacity.

Mars specializes in making high-precision hydrostatic spindles, closed-type hydrostatic worktables, and a variety of grinders including hydrostatic internal (ID) grinders, external (OD) grinders, compound grinders, vertical honing machines; peripherals, accessories, and tungsten carbide cutters.

A specialist in hydrostatic grinders and precision machining, the firm stringently controls quality to provide only CE-approved products, being especially well-known for R&D and expertise that are highly regarded among clients.

Focusing on both local and overseas markets, Mars has a sound sales channel to market and distribute its line globally, having gained firm footholds in China, India, and Thailand. Besides selling under its own “MARS” brand, the company also provides OEM, ODM, OBM, and customization services.

Mars has been awarded “Excellent Manufacturer” by the National Taiwan Excellent Products Pavilion at major international trade shows in India and Vietnam. It also exhibited its products at the 2013 Taiwan Trade Fair in Beijing, and won the Award-of-Eminence for “other NC machine tools” at the Taiwan Machine Tools Industry Award 2013 for Excellence in Research and Innovation.

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