Hua Lung Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.


Seam welding machines, spot welding machines, stainless-steel water-tank turn-key projects

Founded in 1970 by its president, Chiang Wen-Yi, Hua Lung Electric Engineering Co. has grown into a veteran developer and manufacturer of high-quality, advanced-function welding machines and stainless-steel water tank production equipment (including turn-key project services).

The firm is fully confident that its products are high in quality, have zero breakdowns, are highly efficient, and feature low production cost. These advantages have helped Hua Lung expand its share of the global market, especially in major export areas such as Southeast Asia, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. Thanks to their outstanding quality, the company's products won “ACESITA ACOS ESPECIAIS” endorsement of a leading steel company of Brazil.

Hua Lung's major products include seam welding machines, spot welding machines, and stainless-steel water-tank turn-key projects. All of the products and services are developed using more than 40 years of accumulated experience and know-how.

Hua Lung says that it can supply total solutions for the production of water tanks, with a size of 700mm to 1,600mm and a capacity 500 to 5,000 liters, at a rate of over 2,000 units monthly.

The company proudly claims that it not only offers industry-leading mechanical technology but also a complete range of services including the start up, machinery installation, production technology, and machinery maintenance.

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