JAKI Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Soft starters, thyristor power regulators, capacitor-dedicated static switching units

Jaki Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in 1992, has become one of Taiwan’s foremost designers and manufacturers of dedicated industrial electromechanical products. It is a leading brand for soft starters, thyristor power regulators, and capacitor-dedicated static switches.

The company’s static switches for automatic power factor correction respond faster (0.1~1 sec) than conventional electromagnetic switches (which need 40~180 sec). These switches protect capacitors from inrush current of up to 100 rated amperage (when there is no reactor), thus avoiding damage or compromise to the capacitor’s life.

Jaki’s new single-phase power regulator is 45% smaller than similar products; it also features simple wiring, a built-in fuse, and enhanced temperature protection.

The firm caters to market demand and offers a wide range of top-quality patented products by focusing on R&D and carrying out strict quality control and testing. With the encouragement and support of its customers, the company continues to develop innovative products for a variety of applications.

High product quality and the shortest possible lead times are assured by 100% design and manufacturing in Taiwan, with no sub-contractors involved.

Technical support is a top priority for Jaki, which also carries out innovation, diversification, customization, and counter-production, designing and modifying products upon request. The company’s team of experienced and dedicated engineers respond instantly to provide needed solutions.

The firm’s products are widely used in heat-treatment furnaces, thermostatic A/C controls, plastic extruders, IR dryers, fiber dryer heaters, printers, blow-molders, electric heaters, power quality enhancers, plasma cutters, enameled-wire machines, and fiber yarn drawing machines.

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