Intertech Machinery Inc.


Plastic Molds, Plastic Injection Molding, Silicone Rubber Molds, Liquid Silicone Rubber Molds, Metal Stamping Dies

With more than 25 years of experience in the line, Intertech Machinery Inc. uses well-honed production technology to turn out a variety of molds in Taiwan.

The company’s product lineup encompasses a wide range of plastic molds, plastic injection molding, silicone rubber molds, liquid silicone rubber molds, metal stamping dies. The company also specializes in making undercut molds / unscrewing molds / core pulling molds / PMMA/PC high gloss polished molds / interchangeable core molds /hot compression molds / 2-component injection molds / pilot molds.

Intertech is very professional in making mold and molding projects in POM, Nylon+FG engineering components/PC, LSR, RoHS medical compliant products / LSR baby nipples / PC, PMMA lighting LED equipment / ABS, PP auto parts / ABS, PP electronics / PP, PE, ABS household appliances / PP, PE packaging cap, closure, container / PVC, PP pipe fitting…etc.

Excellent engineering capability with professional CAD and CAM software such as Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Cimetron, I-DEAS, and Mold Flow Analysis , in R&D work enables Intertech to offer demanding customers efficient, full-cycle production processes, from mold designing and prototyping to manufacturing and assembly at very economical costs, along with timely consultation, trouble-shooting, and after-sales services.

The company’s molds, with their fine dimensional precision and competitive prices, have proven popular with manufacturers from different sectors in Finland, Sweden,

Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, the U.K, the U.S., South Africa, Syria, Cyprus,

Greece and the Philippines, as well as other markets. As a world-class supplier, the company has been registered by the D&B D-U-N-S.