Tang Yi Industrial Co.


Full vision showcases, aluminum showcases, cashier desks, corner cabinets

Ever since its establishment back in 1988, Tang Yi Industrial Co. has been dedicated to the manufacturing of builders’ hardware and related fittings for both residential and commercial use.

The company started out by making builders’ hardware such as latches, and then branched into furniture, mostly showcases and cabinets. Following years of hard work, it has built up a complete product line that encompasses a variety of full- and half-vision showcases, jewelry showcases, cashier desks, display racks, aluminum showcases, and various corner cabinets, as well as related fittings and LED pointers for displays.

Tang Yi’s showcases and cabinets are all knock-down type featuring high quality and eye-catching exteriors. They are exported worldwide, mostly to the U.S., and are especially sought-after by retail stores. With a monthly output of more than 1,000 showcases and cabinets, and tens of thousands of various fittings, the company welcomes OEM (original equipment manufacturing) orders. Bolstered by consummate manufacturing techniques and decades-long experience, Tang Yi can also handle ODM (original design manufacturing) orders.

Holding firmly to the principles of integrity and continuous R&D for sustainable development, Tang Yi has built a solid reputation among customers and peers as a trustworthy supplier with excellent trouble-shooting capability.

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