Kamioka Corporation


CNC machining centers, CNC horizontal turning centers, double-column machining centers

Founded in 1965 as a contract manufacturer of machine parts, Kamioka Corp. is a builder of CNC machining centers, CNC horizontal turning centers, and double-column machining centers.

Over 70% of the crucial components and parts for the company’s machines are either made in-house or outsourced to Taiwanese parts manufacturers supplying modularized standard products.

The company’s M406479 Semi-Gantry Portal Type CNC machining center is equipped with some unorthodox designs, which reportedly make the machines 30% more efficient than traditional double-column models. The maker launched this machine by tapping its grinding machine technology and self-designed ouble-column machines as well as cooperating with the island’s mechanical-technology institutes.

The company’s M363349 double-column machining centers are also proprietary, featuring a one-piece L-shaped mechanical structure and size as small as Semi-Gantry machines yet retaining efficient production and control of typical double-column machines. Its double-column machines, with multi functions and high efficiency, are ideal for mold-tooling, aircraft-building, energy-equipment and car-parts industries.

The company turns out around 30 units of VMC-1000 three-axis machining center, its best seller now, with some talior-made double column machines made a month.

The company’s machines are sold on OEM, ODM or own-brand bases, with Europe and Southeast Asia being primary markets. To better serve Southeast Asian customers, the company plans to open a service office there. And all its machines were CE approved last year to be sold in Europe.

The company has recently released the high-speed 3-axis machining center VMC-800 that will be debuted at their plant in Taiwan Head Office during TIMTOS 2013 and plans to make 20 units a month.

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