Auto Parts

Yoei Hwa Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Molded rubber and plastic parts, boots, bellows, grommets, o-rings, oil seal etc.

Founded in 1989, Yoei Hwa Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a veteran maker specialized in developing and manufacturing high-quality molded rubber and plastic auto parts.

Thanks to its strong product development and production capability, the firm supplies a wide range of rubber boots, bellows, grommets, o-rings, oil seals, suction and vacuum cups, anti-vibration components, thermoplastic rubber parts, custom molded items and rubber and silicone parts and accessories.


Yoei Hwa claims that it is always conscientious to assist customers in product planning, material application, mold design and development etc. The firm also adopts the injection molding or vacuum molding manufacturing methods to achieve superior performance of rubber and silicone products, all of which work to customers' greatest interests and cost advantage.

The maker says it insists on using only high-safety and -grade materials to produce rubber products, which fully meet the most stringent environment-protection laws and regulations. "Customers' peace of mind and satisfaction is our goal, which is achieved by continuous improvement,” says Yoei Hwa.

The company adds that all employees are trained to be professional, sincere, responsible, and dedicated to helping customers solve difficulties in rubber and silicone materials.

Yoei Hwa operates a modern and integrated factory in northern Taiwan, with a comprehensive range of top-end equipment

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