GTEN Ball Screw Technology Co., Ltd.


Ball screws, linear guides, support units, slide bearings

GTEN Ball Screw Technology Co., Ltd. operates in New Taipei City as one of Taiwan’s most specialized manufacturers of rolled ball screws. Under the leadership of its general manager, Levite Lee, the firm has accumulated more than two decades of experience in the field and uses imported state-of-the-art production equipment such as automated multifunctional milling/lathing machines from Japan to boost productivity.

To compete effectively against top-end rivals worldwide, GTEN has installed a production management and monitoring system linked to its CAD/CAM (computer aided design/manufacturing) system, enabling its R&D department to directly access production data. The company has also adopted especially strict standards for its production equipment and manufacturing processes; it sharpens worker ability through on-the-job training, and employs in-house quality-control. These measures enable its products to conform to class C5 of the Japanese Industrial Standard, and to European standards such as ISO.

Shooting for recognition as Taiwan’s top manufacturer of rolled ball screws with expertise in precision products of all sizes, GTEN works constantly to diversify its product portfolio so that the items it contains meet the special requirements of different applications.

Having adhered for years to the principle of market diversification, GTEN now has clients in 20 countries and the number is expected to keep growing thanks to the firm’s constructive production management system. The company’s goal for the future is to continuously build up its corporate profile globally and make breakthroughs in manufacturing skills, highlighting to international buyers its focus on high quality at reasonable prices