Da Yin Wei Tong Co., Ltd.


PU office chair casters, Logo casters, color wheels

Da Yin Wei Tong Co. (DYWT) is a professional manufacturer of casters, mainly for office chairs, that is located in central Taiwan. The company has built up an admirable reputation in the market, both at home and abroad.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, DYWT works constantly to upgrade its manufacturing technology and develop high-end PU casters, in addition to nylon ones. The company has applied new adhesive technology to its PU casters so that they will not break down in the most trying of conditions.

The firm has also applied sophisticated plastic molding technology to develop bicolor, multi-color, and unique-design casters for upscale markets. SGS certification assures the quality of most DYWT products.

Today the company’s experienced 30-person work force turns out an average of around 250,000 casters a month. The casters are marketed globally, mainly in the United States, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Japan, China, and the Middle East.

DYWT sells its products under its own logo, “DYWT,” or under single letters such as ‘S,’ ‘V,’ or ‘Y.’ Thanks to the popularity of its casters, the firm’s revenues soared 50% in 2012 and the outlook for continued growth this year is bright.

To satisfy increasing market demand, the company recently built a new plant. The new factory, which is fully automated, began operating in January this year.

DYWT welcomes all orders and is confident of its ability to provide buyers with top-quality products, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and the very best of service.

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