TCM: Ideal Choice for Long Workpiece Manufacturing


Arco Cheer's TCM series of travelling-column machining centers includes TCM-466, 666, 866, 2000, 3000 models specifically designed for long workpieces and large parts manufacturing.

Arco Cheer Enterprise Co., Ltd., founded in Taichung, Taiwan, has been engaged in the machinery industry for over 30 years. Since its founding, the company has manufactured a comprehensive range of precision cutting machines.

Along with the increasing demands for machines capable of cutting long and large workpieces, Arco Cheer has introduced a series of travelling column machining centers named TCM to provide solutions that enable users to carry out heavy-duty milling and manufacture large workpieces. Depending on the model of machines, the state-of-the-art TCM series offers worktable lengths of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 meters at users' disposal. Other than flexible selection of worktable length, the machines can also be equipped with multiple work stations and 4th axis to enhance production efficiency, making them ideal for producing long workpieces and large parts such as aluminum bars, rails, construction equipment, aerospace components and so on.

Instead of using ballscrews, TCM-466, TCM-666 and TCM-866 models use horizontally installed dual gear box to drive X axis, so as to eliminate ballscrew backlash and heat-induced deformation. To achieve machining accuracy and avoid machine vibrations when the machine is working, the round arc design of the machines’ main spindle housing is adopted. More important, the ATC base together with sturdy traveling column made of cast iron in one-piece construction not only ensures machine longevity and stability but also provides excellent quality and performance to complete machining tasks.

After the release of TCM series, Arco Cheer has received many positive feedbacks from manufacturers of railways, guide ways, and forged aluminum products in and outside Taiwan for TCM's high-speed machining functionality and accuracy capability. Besides, Arco Cheer also maintains good relationship with European and American suppliers who seek to establish long-term OEM partnership with the company. With all these remarkable achievements and contributions in the machinery industry, Arco Cheer will continue to remain one of the best machinery manufacturers by providing leading-edge machines with best quality, high precision and great performance.

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