Choice Industries Corp.


Pedestal and office furniture

Founded in 1992 in Pingtung, southern Taiwan, Choice Industries Corp. has become one of the island’s leading office furniture manufacturers. Its products include mainly pedestals, computer desks, chairs, workstations, lateral cabinets, table stands, and OA furniture fittings.

To guarantee product quality, the company has adopted integrated manufacturing processes and constantly upgraded its manufacturing technology by employing experienced technicians and by installing advanced facilities such as robot welding systems and CNC machines in addition to general assembling and packing machines.

Choice Industries’ three major production lines in four plants turn out a total of 2,000 OA furniture items a month. The products are sold domestically and exported as well, primarily to Japan and North America.

Thanks to its constant R&D efforts and its good performance in manufacturing and management, the company won ISO certification in 1997. It is proud of its ability to understand market and customer needs, and to supply the products that best meet those needs.

Holding firmly to a corporate philosophy of ‘Do it Right at First Time,’ Choice Industries committed to satisfying customers by offering quality-guaranteed products and the finest in services, including prompt delivery, competitive prices, and tailor-made designs. It welcomes special orders and all inquires.

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