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Lih Dah Brake Lining Industrial Co., Ltd.


Disc brake pads, brake shoes, scooter and ATV brake linings, clutch shoes

Lih Dah Brake Lining Industrial Co. was founded back in 1973 and has developed into an ISO 9001-approved, and ISO 14001- and TS16949-pending company specializing in the development and production of braking system parts for a variety of vehicles and machines.

The firm is very proud of its stringent quality-control system, which entails the inspection and checking of every detail, from materials selection through all of the stages of production to the finished product.

Lih Dah's product portfolio encompasses disc brake pads, brake shoes, scooter and ATV (all-terrain vehicle) brake linings, and clutch shoes of different specifications and sizes for use in passenger cars, racing cars, motorcycles, forklifts, agricultural machinery, bicycles, snowmobiles, marine craft, cranes, trains, golf carts, textile machines, mowers, construction machinery, and motor and sports equipment.

Different non-asbestos materials are used in the company’s products, including Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO), Low-Metallic (LM), and Semi-Metallic (SM).

Lih Dah markets its quality products globally under its own “LD” and “SOK” brands, and also supplies international customers on an OEM basis.

A long-term devotion to the sharpening of its competitive edge has helped Lih Dah to achieve sustainable growth over the past decades. To satisfy its demanding customers, the company has strived constantly to improve its manufacturing technologies and upgrade its production equipment; it has also placed strong emphasis on R&D, developing new friction materials including non-asbestos and low- and semi-metallic materials as well as exterior designs that enhance the added value of its products.

In the next few years, LIH DAH claims it will move production to a modern and integrated factory in southern Taiwan to assure the finest in product quality and production efficiency.

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