Asia Honest International Co., Ltd.


T5 LED Tube, LED Panel Lighting, Dimmable LED Lamp

Asia Honest International Co. is offering the market several of its latest smart LED lamps, including T5 LED Tubes, LED Panel Lighting, and Dimmable LED Lamps.

The T5 LED tubes come in 60cm and 120cm sizes, 3000K and 6500K color temperatures, and CRI80 and CRI71 color rendering. Average light output is 650lm for the 8W 60cm tube and 1300lm for the 16W 120cm tube. Beam angle is 180 degrees for both models,

which are outfitted with polycarbonate (PC) covers and aluminum heat sinks. The tubes come with a two-year warranty and a lifespan of 40,000 hours.

The LED Panel Lighting are only 1-1.3 cm thick, and the color temperatures range from 3000K to 8000K. The lights come in 38W and 55W power ratings and are available in two sizes: 448 0.1W LEDs, and 896 0.1W LEDs. The light cases are made of aluminum frames and acrylic covers. The lights are seamlessly dimmable, with an optional dimming memory function. The wirelessly controlled 11W Dimmable LED Lamps weigh about 230 grams and are 8.3cm x 8cm in size. They are available in CRI72(3000K), and CRI80(5700K).

The Dimmable LED Lamps have a polycarbonate globe cover and an aluminum fin-shaped base that functions as a thermal heat sink. The chip-on-board package uses aluminum board as the substrate. Infrared ICs are built into the bulbs to control the dimming of the 32 0.5W LEDs. Dimming offers 12 intensities, from a minimum 1W to a maximum 12W.

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