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Overheating alarms for car engines and automatic conversion mosquito repellent

Founded in 2002 in Taichung, central Taiwan, Beno Corporation Agency. focuses on the development of automobile electronic products for consumers. Among the main items in its current product catalog are overheating alarms for car engines and automatic conversion mosquito repellent.

Beno maintains a strong research and development team to ensure technological superiority over its rivals. Thanks to its innovative capability, the firm’s overheating alarm for car engines has just been certified by the 2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart and recommended by local newspapers. Company representative K.T. Wu stresses that to ensure the strictest quality control, the overheating alarm was developed and is manufactured in Taiwan, and is protected by Taiwan Patent No. M413611.

To enhance driving security and help drivers take note when their engines are overheating, the alarm gives drivers a warning by voice before the problem shows on temperature gauges.

The alarm also helps to prevent the overheating of engines caused by problems with radiators, pipes, pumps, pump belts, thermostats, cooling fans, and water temperature censors. This is a feature that can save significant repair costs for drivers.

Despite its superior functions and uncompromising quality, the alarm is competitively priced and comes with responsible after-sale services, with guaranteed replacement should it fail under normal use within two years. This kind of attention to customer interests, plus its long-term commitment to quality, has helped Beno build a solid reputation in the global market.

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