Chyau Ban Machinery Co., Ltd.


Professional Tissue Machine Manufacturer

Chyau Ban Machinery Co., Ltd, founded in 1987, is one of Taiwan’s most veteran manufacturers of tissue-making machinery. Based on more than 25 years of experience in mold, Chyau Ban has become a specialist manufacturer of interfold and rewinder tissue machine through its advanced technology. At the moment, the company’s R&D department innovates high product capacity within V fold tissue machines.

The company highly believes that “All-In-One System” will create more efficient and effective production in the whole working process. Chyau Ban is versed in the “All-In-One System” of tissue machine, such as “Facial Tissue”, “V Fold Hand Towel”, ”Z Fold Hand Towel”,” Napkin Paper”,” Wallet Facial Tissue Paper”, “ Wet wipes”,” Toilet Rolls”, ”Kitchen Towel Rolls”, and “ Industrial Toilet Rolls”.

Thanks to its effort to develop innovative Z Fold Hand Towel Machine- 2 ply, the company has won good reputation in Europe. The most advantage of PAPER MILLs is continuously being utilized by the company’s Z Fold Hand Towel Machine- 2 ply in conjunction with lamination system and double embossing rolls to combine 2 ply hand towel papers into one sheet. It has also greatly upgraded water absorbing capacity by embossing roll patterns.