Auto Parts

Tsun Chi Enterprise Corp.


Vehicular, watercraft, hand tool and mechanical forged parts & accessories

Since establishment in 1986, Tsun Chi Enterprise Corp., an ASR-certified and ANAB-accredited company, has specialized in forged auto/motorcycle parts and components (incl. drive shafts and connecting rods) and made-to-order hot-forged items.

A unique OEM different from other players, Tsun Chi focuses on forging, hot-forging, and upset forging, which are backed by systematic, automated facilities to boost production capacity.

Its in-house facilities include forging & setting machinery for extrusion lines, material storage & cutting equipment, CNC electrode-finishing equipment, CAD and CAM equipment, electric heating equipment for extrusion lines, vertical single-stage electric-heating, extruding, forging & setting machinery (DJ-VHA910, DJ-VHA510~DJ-VHA2500), plus high-frequency induction heating furnace.

Tsun Chi offers mainly quality-enhanced automotive/motorcycle parts, valves, camshafts, ATV/watercraft camshafts, metallic parts and accessories, hand tools (incl. axes and knives), and mechanical hardware, which can be ordered in titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel.

With 25 years of dedication to automation, cost & performance-efficiency, as well as quality-enhancement, Tsun Chi has vastly boosted production capacity and competitiveness to build recognition and support globally.

Besides being an OEM, the company also welcomes ODM and custom orders.

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