Super Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Gas springs, spherical vents, parts for bus and coach seats, chair gas lifts

Founded in 1980, Super Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. has specialized in researching and developing various gas springs, gas spring connecting parts and gas spring brackets for over three decades. The company began by supplying spare parts to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) of Japanese carmakers as Honda, Nissan and Toyota, in Southeast Asian countries.

Setting up a trademark of SUPERSEN in 1995, the company, under the leadership of Peter Liu, has been dedicated to R&D of gas springs in house while realizing widespread applications throughout different industries. The efforts have paid off, as the company’s gas springs have been exported to over 50 countries across the five continents of the world, with buyers from industries of financial equipment, transportation equipment, machinery, electronic facilities, furniture, architecture and so forth.

In 2003, SUPERSEN started to collaborate with some strategic partners in Taiwan to launch R&D projects to improve gas spring interior components. Such a move aims to ensure the quality of materials and produce high-quality gas springs that meet the demand of the company’s broad customers.

Furthermore, since 2006, SUPERSEN has heavily invested in production of connecting parts and brackets used in gas springs to expand product variety and applications for customers. In 2010, SUPERSEN set up its subsidiary, Taiwan Anken Corporation, to focus on R&D of these parts and components.

More notable is that SUPERSEN’s gas springs have all been certificated by world’s major quality standards, including ISO 9001, D&B D-U-N-S, SGS and so on.

Committed to esteem for humanity, the corporate-responsibility-driven company is noted for consistently building and achieving a safe and healthy working environment to enhance employees’ welfare.

The company claims that its gas springs, gas spring connecting parts and gas spring brackets are well received by its customers worldwide, while SUPERSEN is also increasingly recognized as an information platform of components and accessories for other players in this playing field.