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Established in 1986, Kinsun Industries Inc. is an experienced and versatile specialist in developing and manufacturing modular jacks, RF antennas, and stamping parts. The firm has won ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001 certification, and emphasizes its ability to provide total solutions using its solid capabilities in tooling design, metal sheet stamping, and plastic injection.

Kinsun has been aggressively exploring the automotive and motorcycle markets, and is set to win the TS16949 certification by 2013. It also plans to add more products targeted at these markets, including antennas, switches, wire harness, and related stamping parts.

Thanks to its leader-of-the-pack capability and intensive investment in new product development, Kinsun supplies a wide array of products including connectors (RJ jacks, USB, water-proof series, and other types), antennas (automotive series, water-proof series, WiMAX, ISM Band, GSM, UHF, DVB-T, GPS, Ultra Wide Band, Tri-band, coaxial), and stamping parts (Kinsun can produce complex, precision metal stamping parts according to customers’ requirements).

For more than 25 years, Kinsun claims, it has constantly upgraded its technical and technological standards to the highest level possible. In addition, its strong in-house R&D team and tooling development center carry out high-efficiency new-product design, customized product development, and tooling creations within the shortest possible time.

To meet rapidly growing demand from customers around the world, Kinsun has set up three factories in China, one each in Dongguan (in 1997), Guangzhou (1999), and Suzhou (2001).

All of the company’s products meet RoHS and UL approval, helping to consolidate its position as a major supplier to international big names such as Acer, Asus, Delta, LG, Yamichi, Samsung, Panasonic, Amphenol, Siemens, ABB, Phoenix, and Sennheiser. Major sales regions include Taiwan, Europe, America, and China.

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