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Dynamik Exhaust Industry Co., Ltd.


High-performance exhaust systems, tuning parts and accessories

Dynamik Exhaust Industry Co. Ltd. is a veteran in developing and manufacturing high-performance exhaust system products and top-end tuning parts and accessories. After building a solid base in the exhaust-system market, the firm has diversified to supply quality, durable, high-end turbo parts.

Jerry Huang, president of Dynamik, says the firm focuses on OEM/ODM for foreign customers looking for parts modification, including car dealers and distributors that promote special and limited edition models, as well as providing technical and manufacturing support to customers engaged in turbo conversions.

“We are very optimistic about the high-end performance-tuning sector even in the global economic downturn, which motivate drivers to upgrade cars than buy new ones to save money. So we are trying to supply packaged or total tuning-solutions for most drivers who install high-end exhaust and also tend to add functional and cosmetic parts," said Huang.

Clearly focused, Dynamik works with customers to build packaged, integrated kits designed specifically for models from both inside and out. For example, top-end titanium exhaust systems in a package with aerodynamic body kits, decorative LED items and many others are offered.

Huang says that the “Dynamik” brand is widely associated with fast development, top quality and performance. Besides increasing own-brand sales, Dynamik has also been generating rising OEM/ODM business in recent years.

Dynamik focuses on supplying packaged products and mechanic-friendly kits for select models, a new concept in Taiwan’s performance tuning industry for most operators rely on the shotgun approach in product and market development.

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