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Takamori Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Upgrade steering wheels, colored carbon-fiber steering wheels

Takamori Enterprise Co., established in 2000, specializes in airbag-type steering wheel design and manufacturing. Over the years the firm has successfully transformed itself from a steering wheel retrim crafter into a steering wheel manufacturer, and today its ability to redesign steering wheels helps it gain recognition among global customers, especially in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Takamori points out that one of the features that make its products stand out from the competition is the 100% real wood of which they are made, because only real wood gives steering wheels true durability as well as a 3D effect.

In the past few years the company has been working hard on the development of carbon-fiber steering wheels, and now is able to supply the widest range of exotic carbon colors in the industry.

When it designs a steering wheel, Takamori stresses, safety is always its highest priority. Each steering wheel sold under the company's famous "TISSO" brand is engineered to meet the highest safety standards. To ensure safety, all of the company’s steering wheels have to pass torque-capability and loading tests. Takamori claims that it is one of the few aftermarket steering wheel manufacturers that can meet popular OEM standards.

The company's current product range encompasses steering wheels for popular Japanese and European passenger cars, and it is now focusing on the development of new products for luxury models in those markets. "TISSO" steering wheels are distributed in the U.S. and the Middle East as well as Japan and Europe.

"TISSO Steering Your World!"

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