Zhan Yi Co., Ltd.


Traffic signal, road safety equipment, Zn and Al alloy die-castings, plastic product design OEM

Established in 1985, Zhan Yi Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001: 2008-certified, versatile maker specializing in developing and manufacturing traffic signal equipment, road safety equipment, zinc- and aluminum-alloy die-castings, plastic injection products (design OEM) etc.

Always trying to achieve sustainable operation through long-term customer cooperation, innovation and technological experience, Zhan Yi claims to have 27 years of experience in tooling development and high-end manufacturing.

Stressing to manufacture only high-quality products by improving production as surface treatment and assembly, the maker is known for top quality, competitive prices, and rapid delivery.

To upgrade tooling service, Zhan Yi adopts the most advanced 3D drawing and carving software and hardware to turn out durable and precise molds and dies. To offer comprehensive services, the firm has complete facilities for CNC processing and surface treatment, including electroplating, enamel baking, polishing, grinding etc.

Claiming to have over 20 years of experience in developing and making traffic and road safety equipment, the company has been focusing on LED and traffic signal control system R&D in recent years, specifically single-light, three-color LED traffic signals and simple signal control systems.

Zhan Yi also makes cast zinc and aluminum auto and motorcycle parts, car hoods, and parts for rehabilitation equipment.

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