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NC Gang Drilling & Tapping Machine  CNC Drilling - Milling Machine

 NC-GDT-10  NC-GDT-16                 CNC-MPS45GEV

 Drilling  Tapping  Drilling  Tapping  Max. Drilling Capacity  40mm
 Max. Capacity  16mm  M8  25mm  M16  Spindle Taper  MT4
 Spindle Taper  JT6/ER20  JT2  MT3/ER25  MT3  Spindle Stroke  120mm
 Spindle Stroke  200mm  45mm  300mm  60mm  Spindle Speed  2-Speed Gear Box
 Spindle Speed (rpm)  710-1450  500-900  510-1220  190-340  (H)  Inverter Variable Speed
                                         430-1720 rpm
 2860  1600  2000  620       (L)          70-280 rpm
 Spindle to Columin  185mm  185mm  250mm  250mm  Spindle to Column  325mm
 Columin Diameter  130x140mm  130x140mm  180x200mm  180x200mm  Column Diameter  Square
 Spindle Motor  1HP 3-Phase  1HP 3-Phase  2HP 3-Phase  2HP 3-Phase  Table Diameter  260-890mm
 Spindle Feed  0.75kw servo motor  Pitch Gear  1.5kw servo motor  Pitch Gear  Table Travel  X-axis: 440mm  Y-axis: 200mm
 Spindle to Table  210-390mm 145-325mm  155-435mm  115-395mm  Z-axis: 480mm
 Slide Base  300 x 880mm  300 x 880mm  Spindle to Table  Z-axis: 170-650mm
 Slide Saddle  300 x 450mm  300 x 450mm  Base Diameter  560 x 895mm
 Slide Stroke  550mm  550mm  Motor Power    2.25kw
 T-Slot  M12S  M12S  Overall Height        2070mm
 Slide Table Motor  0.75kw servo motor  0.75kw servo motor  Weight  850kgs
 Loading Weight  150kgs  150kgs
 Cooling Motor  0.125kw  0.125kw
 Machine Dimension  1300 x 950 x 1900mm  1300 x 950 x 2000mm
 Weight  400kgs  550kgs
                                                   Max. Milling Capacity                 25mm
                                                   Max. Drilling Capacity                75mm
                                                   Spindle Taper                         BT40
                                                   X/Y/Z Axis Travel       X-axis: 300mm  Y-axis: 300mm  Z-axis: 280mm
                                                                   4-Pole  H-speed: 860-2800rpm  L-speed: 430-1400rpm
                                                   Spindle Speed
                                                                   8-Pole  H-speed: 430-1400rpm  L-speed: 215-700rpm
                                                   Spindle T table                    150-450mm
                                                   Spindle Motor                      1.5HP 4P/8P
                                                   CNC System                           SYNTEC
                                                   X Axis Servo Motor                    0.75kw
                                                   Y Axis Servo Motor                    0.75kw
                                                   Z Axis Servo Motor         0.75kw with 1:3 Gear Reducer
                                                   Slide Base               X-axis: 350 x 360mm  Y-axis: 305 x 630mm
                                                   Slide Saddle                       300 x 450mm
                                                   Loading Weight                       100kgs
                                                   T-Slot                                M12S
                                                   Cooling Motor                         1/8 HP
                                                   Machine Dimension             1400 x 1200 x 2000mm
                                                   Weight                               1100kgs
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