Sang Mao Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Circuit breakers, Thermostats and Motor protectors.

Established in 1984, Sang Mao Enterprise Co. is an ISO9001:2008-certified

manufacturer of safety-protection devices for electrical and electronic circuitry. The

company offers a wide range of thermal circuit breakers, thermostats, and

Motor protector products that answer overload, overheat, surge, and ground fault


Sang Mao supplies hundreds of items to meet varied requirements .

All of its products meet UL, CSA, VDE, and other major quality/safety standards.

The company dedicates significant investment into research & development each year

for new ideas and better quality.

Reasonable cost, high volume output and innovative components make Sang Mao a

trusty source for global buyers. The products of SANG MAO feature Simplify and

compact design, making them ideal for home appliances, OA machines,

electronic equipment, DIY tools beauty, and other applications.

Sang Mao claims that it is an optimal partner for manufacturers worldwide, using

top-notch knowhow to solve problems related to overloading, circuit interruption,

overheating, etc. The firm says that the core competitiveness of its products

lies in high and stable quality, comprehensive product range, and prompt delivery,

which, it claims, are unmatched by its competitors.

Sang Mao exports most of its products to major markets such as Europe and the

Asia, America. The products are sold on both OEM/ODM and own-brand (“Sang Mao”) bases.

Most of our products now still supply to the famous company in the world.


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