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Top Colour Film Ltd.


Glue coating film (DIY), top tint/two tone film, IR film, ceramic film, safety film, sputter film, high performance film, decorative film

The ISO 9001-approved Top Colour Film Ltd. claims to be the leading maker of solar film products in Taiwan.

When Top Colour Film Ltd. was established in 1985 by a group of chemical specialists it became the technical market leader on the island. At the time, the talented and experienced staff was in a transitional period, shifting their focus from from polyester to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) products, nd they solved many technical problems to make highquality, more durable films to meet the demand of the global market.

As a result of the high quality and competitive prices of its products, Top Colour has enjoyed steady sales growth since 1985, an indication of the company’sglobal competitiveness. With its leading R&D capability, Top Colour supplies a wide range of products, including solar window film, decorative glass film, laser decorative glass film, safety film, IR-cut film, color PET film, OPP / PVC /PET metallic view film, and metallic hair line film.

Top Colour operates four production factories on the both sides of the Taiwan Strait, including two in Taiwan (one of which started production in 2009, located in the Yunlin Technology Industrial Park) with more than 100 employees, and another two in China (one in Guangdong and another in Jiangsu Provinces) with more than 300 employees. According to Top Colour, products produced at the two Chinese factories are supplied to China's domestic market, while those produced at the Taiwanese facilities are for exports to the rest of the world.

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