Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Precision turned parts, milling/drilling/grinding parts, semiconductor equipment

Founded in in 1982, Chuen Jaang Precision Industry Co. is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of precision turned parts in Taiwan. With its business having grown almost every year since its establishment, the ISO 9001-certified company is now a world-class player that is continuing to diversify its product line and enlarge the scale of its operations.

The company claims to have Asia's best machining/grinding capability, down to diameter 0.03mm (half the diameter of a hair), tolerances reaching 0.001mm, surface finish as fine as 0.1um, and workpiece diameter ranging from 0.5mm to 450mm, making it a key supplier of high-precision parts for watches, semiconductor equipment, and vehicles, among other products. The company can also mill items with a maximum length of 2,500mm and width of 1,000mm.

The company is truly versatile, capable of producing a wide range of turned parts utilizing top-end equipment and years of experience in lathing, grinding, and milling. Its competitiveness is bolstered by regional-leading R&D and manufacturing/processing capability, as well as steady vertical and horizontal integration in combination with one upstream cold-forging manufacturer and four precision turned-parts producers, each a specialist.

Chuen Jaang specializes in bar-feed lathing of bars with a diameter range of 0.3mm to 51mm, as well as other products under 450mm with non-bar-feed production.

The company's products have a wide range of uses, especially in auto and motorcycle parts, specialized tools, electronic components, aerospace parts, and high-tech industrial applications. In recent years, Chuen Jaang has succeeded in supplying a growing number of precision parts for the supply chains of top-end semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment industries.

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