Gye Tay Machinery Works


Stator coil & wedge insert and intermediate forming machine

Gye Tay Machinery Works was founded in 1975 to concentrate on the development and production of special-purpose machines, and ventured in 1980 into production of electrical motor coil winding automatic equipment.

Currently, the company’s business scope can be divided into two categories, namely machinery and motors. In the machinery area, the company’s major products are insulation paper inserter, winder, coil and wedge paper inserter, forming, lacing and vertical winding machines. In the motor field, its major products include electric bike brushless motor, automobile LAT/STR compressor motor, blower motor industrial induction/brushless motor, computer/home-use device motor, and so on.

Since 1982, Gye Tay has seen constant growth in sales, especially in the international marketplaces, with major clients including GE of India, Matsushita, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Teco, Tatung, Thai Motor, Videocon, Fuji, Sanyo, Brother, and so on.

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