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Yueh Jyh Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.


Automotive fuses, holders, and circuit breakers

The ISO 9001-approved Yueh Jyh Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is a veteran specialist in developing and manufacturing high quality fuse products including circuit breakers, plug-in fuses, glass fuses, bakelite GBC fuses, fuse holders, and fuse blocks for automotive, motorcycle and other vehicular applications.

This fuse supplier was founded in 1975 and is known internationally for its strict quality control, reasonable prices and punctual product delivery. As an OEM/ODM (original equipment/design manufacturer), it has done much business with significant international customers, the majority of them are in Europe and the United States. Yueh Jyh exports all of its output.

Over the years, Yueh Jyh has steadily manufactured market-leading products that have met customer expectations. Its patented circuit breaker holder (circuit breaker included) is one example of this. It has a built-in light-emitting diode (LED) that lights up when power is off as a result of over-current or over-temperature. The product automatically trips the circuit breaker and allows the circuit open to protect all relevant devices. The company’s impressive R&D capability has helped it both in design production and in developing different specifications to meet customer requirements.

Yueh Jyh currently operates a fuse production factory in northern Taiwan that has self-developed, highly advanced production equipment and many types of testing and inspection instruments. Each fuse item is manufactured to be of the highest quality and durability. The company strives to have the most advanced production techniques and materials possible to meet customer demands and market trends.

The company’s highly automated production enables it to have a monthly capacity of over 500,000 circuit breakers, 10 million fuses, and 300,000 fuse holders/blocks. Yueh Jyh welcomes OEM projects for all types of fuse, holder and circuit breaker.

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