S.Y. Pneumatic Industrial Co.


Pneumatic tools, air sanders, sir saws, pneumatic needle scalers, pneumatic die grinders, air polishers

S.Y. Pneumatic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a decades-old manufacturer of pneumatic tools and related accessories enjoying high regard among professional buyers from Europe, the U.S. and Japan.

The company’s success is due to dedication to making products of unparalleled performance and high quality, which is driven mostly by accumulated know-how in manufacturing and R&D. This maker claims that all products are developed in line with market trends, manufactured with improved techniques, fine-tuned and tested strictly according to international standards, so as to enhance end-users’ work efficiency.

For instance, the SM-101 Die Grinder, dubbed Bakelite, is a practical, highly marketable tool, which is built with rotor blades made of durable high-performance polyimide-based plastic from Vespel to achieve a longer lifespan than competing models. The tool also features as a nickel alloy-made cylinder and a stainless steel rotor and nuts for excellent stability and concentricity. Besides, the specially designed 2.75cm collet enhances the grinder’s holding capability to boost grinding efficiency.

The company’s air-tool product category encompasses sanders, eccentric sanders, high-speed polishers and grinders, stone polishers, reciprocating grinders, die grinders, needle scalers, engravers, angle sanders, micro grinders, water sanders, files, dent pullers, etc, suction pulling disks, some of which are patented globally. Except replacement parts, the company gives customers 3-month warranty on its tools.

Additionally, this company also provides OEM (original equipment manufacturing) services, with 90% of output going to overseas markets annually. To develop more sustainability, the company will launch own brands in the short term.

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