Tayi Yeh Machinery Co., Ltd.


L-type sealing machines, high-speed side sealers, shrink tunnels, automatic collation packaging machines

Tayi Yeh Machinery Co. has devoted itself to the development and production of packaging machines ever since its inception in 1977, and today is one of Taiwan’s veterans in the line.

More than 30 years of devotion to R&D and technology upgrading have built the company a solid reputation as an innovative manufacturer, and have won it numerous patents for developments that enhance the performance of its machines.

One example of Tayi Yeh’s development efforts is the SA-106-2 Fully Automatic Counting & Collating Single Layer Colorful Film Packaging Machine, which is available in both sleeve type and double line models.

One of the main advantages of the machine is the ease of maintenance that is provided by its design and consistent specifications, together with a standardized machine structure and an innovative electronic drive system. Some of the components are modularized and highly durable, minimizing the possibility of damage during maintenance.

The machine incorporates electronic sensors imported from Europe and Japan, helping operators to control performance and output easily and reliably during mass production, along with a one-piece fabricated bronze sealing blade, and a pick-up type heater tube coupled with SCR temperature control provides improved stability. The specially designed blade protection device uses a micro-sensor and helps the blade to retract automatically after each cut to protect the machine’s structure and minimize damage to packages.

Tayi Yeh enjoys a good name in the global market, thanks to its commitment to high quality, improved innovation, speedy customer services, and competitive pricing.

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